phantom bird studies

I’ve fallen in love with birds since we’ve moved to Phantom Lake. It’s a privilege to live in the wetlands…to have such wild, fascinating and colorful neighbors. Buffleheads, Hooded Mergansers, Belted Kingfishers, not to mention the Great Blue Heron rookery next door or the bald eagles that nest nearby. We’re spoiled, alright. I watch the amazing season cycle that brings in so many different birds every season.

I keep my NW guide book within reach in case I see one I’ve never seen before. Some smaller birds fall prey to other predators or are misled by window reflections. The lucky ones just get stunned…and eventually “come to”. But these 3, a Swain’s thrush and yellow warbler and female red winged blackbird, were not so lucky. If I find them in my garden, I draw or paint them. Such fleeting beauties.

red winged blackbird, 16″ x 32″, watercolor on clayboard, 2010

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