wedding blazons

ott-lawrimore blazon, 2011

Wedding Blazon for Yoko Ott and Scott Lawrimore, 2011, Genevieve Tremblay

I find the medieval tradition of blazonry (family crests/coat of arms) a creative wellspring. The process of weaving family history and iconic symbolism into their creation dates back centuries. For some time now, I’ve been creating modern family “blazons” for family members and friends. Family heraldry design is a very formalized, codified tradition that I have been studying and appropriating.

bla·zon: set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim., adorn or embellish, especially brilliantly or showily. describe in heraldic terminology. depict (heraldic arms) in proper form and color.

yoko & scott, the bride and groom, 2011

yoko & scott, the bride and groom, 2011

In 2011, my friend Yoko Ott got married to Scott Lawrimore. They are a colorful and dynamic Seattle couple. Both are successful curators and cultural provocateurs who are making their mark on the Pacific NW for their experimental, cross-disciplinary and social programming efforts. For my wedding gift, I designed a blazon which symbolizes some of their unique qualities as a couple, using the formal language of heraldry.

In true heraldic tradition, each symbol and color carries special meaning. Here is a breakdown of the colors/symbols I used to create their blazon.

Acanthus leaves = Admiration of the Arts
, Azalea = Passion
, Birds of Paradise = Freedom
, Golden Rings = Interlaced, Marriage, 
Heart = Love
, Hunting Horns =  High Pursuits, Peacock Feathers = Beauty, Power, Knowledge,
Gold = Generosity and Elevation of the Mind
, White = Sincerity, Peace, 
Red = Strength, Magnanimity, 
Green = Hope, Joy and Loyalty in Love, 
Blue = Truth, Loyalty
Orange = Worthy Ambition
, Network = 21 Century Knowledge.

I love making these for people who are getting married. So, let me know if you have a couple in mind…and I’ll make you one.

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