you look larvelous!…(friday harbor labs – part 2)

While I was at my residency at Friday Harbor Labs, I had access to their amazing marine research library. I looked through many old books with detailed illustration of sea microbes and larvae. I was able to visit the larval lab as well and talk to some of the students working on research projects for their class. I also sat in on a Larval Biology lab…and build a 3D model of a larval appendage using Open CAD. The students build their 3D models, printed them out on a 3D printer and then used those in an experiment in the lab.

I brought up goose, rhea and ostrich eggs to paint on…and they made the perfect canvas for my own larval studies and paintings.




20160727_204912814_ios 20160727_205329166_ios 20160727_205334770_ios

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