art residency at friday harbor labs (part 1: fish studies)

This summer (2016) I had the great privilege to do a 2 week summer art residency at Helen R. Whiteley Center At Friday Harbor Laboratories. As an artist, design educator/catalyst, this was a perfect environment to work on my own creative work as well as art/science learning and community building initiatives. I learned about the work of Adam P. Summers and the Friday Harbor Through my participation in the Science Education Partnership (SEP) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the summer of 2015, I learned about Friday Harbor Labs and specifically about the work of fish morphologist and biomechanist, Adam P. Summers.  I was in his research based imaging techniques (clearing, staining, CT scans, etc…) to inform his study of fish functional morphology, biodesign and biomechanics. I applied for a Whitely Artist and Scholar Residency Program at Friday Harbor labs, which allowed me to audit Adam’s Fish Functional Morphology course as well as observe other classes and lab research (Ecology and Conservation of Marine Birds and Mammals, Larval Biology, Marine Biodiversity Methods) at FHL, as part of my art research and field study. My online SWAY details the work that I did through my Whiteley Residency. Here are some highlights of my studies.


sculpin, watercolor on clayboard, G. Tremblay, 2016



Midshipman belly, pencil drawing, G. Tremblay, 2016




Seining at Jackson Beach, San Juan Island










Casting the seining nets


Specimen collection







Tide Pooling at Deadman’s Bay, San Juan Island








shiner perch who perished during our seining





shiner perch, scratchboard and watercolor, G. Tremblay, 2016

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