Genevieve Gaiser Tremblay was born in 1962 in Washington, DC. She completed her BFA in Intermedia at Carnegie Mellon University in 1984. She moved to Boston, where she continued her studies in painting and animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and later pursued her graduate degree in the Studio for Inter-related Media at Massachusetts College of Art.

Early in her career, she was fortunate to work with several significant mentors, including new media pioneers, Jenny Holzer and Dara Birnbaum. These first hand experiences with pushing the boundaries of technology and moving art from formalized spaces into the public realm have continued to inform her work.

Her professional work includes award-winning design and art direction, as well as her generative work as artist and independent curator. Genevieve’s painting and media work has been exhibited in group shows in the US and abroad in Cuba. She has had 2 solo exhibitions in Seattle. She served as inaugural Mentor-in-Residence for the University of Washington’s Museology’s flagship Emerging Curator Initiative (ECI), a national model for training curators in the field. Since 2000, she has received more than thirty local and national grants to implement programs integrating art and technology in K-12 classrooms in Seattle and Bellevue. Most recently, she was commissioned for a public mural in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Genevieve currently teaches in the Art, Design, Film and Media (ADF+M) Department at Cornish College of the Arts. In her additional role as Resident Research Fellow: Creative Corridor, she is working with faculty across departments (art, design, music, dance, theater, humanities & sciences) to actively investigate and facilitate the development a comprehensive offering of college electives that address interdisciplinary options, and build skill based learning and workshops, research-led teaching, collaboration and public scholarship.

Genevieve’s work has been funded by 4Culture, Bellevue Schools Foundation, SAPPI Ideas that Matter: Design for the Public Good, AIGA, The National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller, Benton and Ford Foundations.


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