Common Saltwater Fish of Rhode Island

squeteague, watercolor on clayboard, Madeleine and Gen Tremblay, 2008 *

During the summer of 2008, I made these watercolors (on clayboards) with my 3 children Madeleine, Olivia and Kirk Dexter, then 14, 11 and 6. We had just gotten back from our summer vacation in Rhode Island where we learned about all the native ocean fish at a conservation day at the beach.

When we got back to Bellevue to start school, the teachers were on strike…for 2 weeks! So, we took advantage of that time and started to paint the fish of Rhode Island. The kids would lay down the background…and I’d start on the fish…and we’d pass the paintings back and forth. I called “conversation painting”…an inviting, collaborative method of engaging others in the painting process. What surprisingly exotic and colorful fish swimming the waters of New England…many of which Chuck, my husband, remembered catching off the beaches of Rhode Island as a young boy.

Common Saltwater Fish of Rhode Island, 4′ x 4″, watercolor on clayboards, by Maddy Tremblay, Olivia Tremblay, Kirk Tremblay, Genevieve Tremblay. (* indicates sold)

scup and butter fish *

northern searobin


black seabass *



striped bass

oysterfish *



striped bass

striped bass

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