Criterion of Yielding…our collaboration continues

Fountain BoatThese are the most recent digital drawings I’ve been making as part of my collaboration with Sarah Stengle. We are making collaborative drawings which have been inspired mathematical principles of aerospace engineering that describe yield criterion, a hypothesis defining the limit of elasticity in a material and the onset of plastic deformation under any possible combination of stresses. The historical stereoscopic landscape images we are using as the foundation layer of these collaborative drawings and animations are from the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection and the Robert N. Dennis collection of The New York Public Library Digital Collection, the largest and most diverse collections of stereoscopic images in the world.

coy-calcified-algae-fieldHow might such a principles be applied to measuring stress on our human experience or the strains we put on our environment? We will be making more drawings and pulling these layered landscapes into an interactive virtual environments, exploring ‘stress points’…and using these figures as a way to metaphorically assign elastic material properties to people, places and things.

We both work on sets of drawings/photographs/collages…and then send them to each other digitally or via snail mail. We are working using both digital and analog methods…making layers…then passing them back and forth, very much in the spirit of ‘an exquisite corpse‘. Sarah will be presenting some of these drawings at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings MAA Contributed Paper Session on Mathematics and the Arts in January in Atlanta…so we are busy making an edition that she can share at that conference…!!! 

Style: "StereoGlass"

“Rope ascension, over Niagara River.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1854.




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